The Sunken Time

The book The Sunken Time was published in 2004. That was the first solo album of the artist. The collection included the images from artist's archive of 1962-1992.

The exhibition with the same title, The Sunken Time, was widely shown around Russian and abroad. The number of images at the exhibition collection varied from 50 to 150.

Petrified Memory. Walkers. 1990s
Repentance. 1992
Somber Morning of the New Russia. 1992
Breakfast After the Victory. 1991
He said: "Let's Go!" 1991
Freedom for Russia! 1991
Boris Yeltsin. The Beginning! 1989
"Stop" 1. 1988
Yard in Trubnaya Square. 11.07.1964
Memory. The Walls are Crying. 1963
Iron Felix. 1962
Stalin - Murderer of the People. 1990s
A Sad Horse. 1966
Last Meeting. 11.07.1990
Thirty Years Later. 06.22.1971
"Lenin is Always Ahead..." 1970
After the Demonstration. 1978
First Morning Without Khrushchev. 10/14/1964
Czechoslovakia is Ours! 11/7/1968
Vigilant Eye. 1960s
Madonna of Solyanka. 1990s
Tanya Guseva in the Kitchen. 1970s
Ivanovsky Convent. 1980s
Room in Communal Apartment. 1960s
Our Communal Kitchen. 1960s
View from the Window of Izvestia Daily. 1970s
At Yura’s. View from the Window. 1990s
In Felt Boots. 1998
God of the Artist Yura Iorsh. 2000
My Mother Sewing. 1985
Wood in Kolomenskoye. 1990s
My Aunt Raya. 1970s
Vera in the Village. 1990s
Golovinsky Pond. 1982