Moscow Palimsest

A collection of Dashevsky's photographs, created in Moscow in the 1980s-1990s. These images were taken with multiple exposure and they were done on color film. Later, the artist began to show some of the compositions in black and white.

This collection of photographs was partially published in M. Dashevsky's albums "Through the eyes of an old house" and "Moscow palimsest"
To the Glorious Future. 1998
Krasnaya Presnya Market. 1998
View from the Window. 1998
Streetcar Depot. 1998
Paveletsky Railway Station. 1997
Square of Three Railroad Stations. 1998
Vysotsky on Karetny Ryad Street. 1997
In the Trolley Bus. 1997
Antique Shop. 1998
Jubilee of Bulat Okudzhava. 1994
The Nativity. 1997