Native Retro

In 2018-2019, the Museum of Moscow hosted the exhibition “Native Retro. Moscow Saga of the Photographer Mikhail Dashevsky ”, 350 photographs from the archive of the artist from 1962-2002.

The collection "Native Retro" partially includes photographs from the collections "Sunken Time" and "Moscow Palimsest."
Self-Portrait. 1962
After Work. 1969
Solyanka Street.1969
Stairs. Bolshoy Golovin Lane. 1960s
Basketball. 1970s
In the Hairdresser’s. 1960s
Solyansky Blind Alley. 1994
Repair on Solyanka. 1960s
Kvass Queue. 1963
Bootees of Ilyich. 1962
Moscow Natives. 1970s
Night Café. 1962
Summer Dreams. 1965
Kerzhenets River (Last Inhabitants) 1. 1980
Road to Tsvetkovo. Udomlya, Tver Region. 1978
Kerzhenets River (Last Inhabitants) 2. 1980
The Lock. 2002