I am happy to share the great news, our book Mikhail Dashevsky. Native Retro. 1962-2002. Photo Saga won the contest 50 books / 50 covers. My sincere regrets because Mikhail passed away before the celebration. I would like to say deepest gratitude and warmest wishes to his family and to the team of the book, you are the Best! I am very proud to work with you, dear Anna Gvirtz, Vladimir Semenkov, Nastya Genkina, Olga Perevalova and every of the member of our team. My congratulation to every of you!
National Book Award Zhar-Kniga organized an award ceremony yesterday. Books and dummies of Russian book designers were exhibited in Moscow in Zverev Contemporary Art Center. The short list and winners were announced. Our book Mikhail Dashevsky. Native Retro. Photo Saga 1962-2002, the catalogue of photographer's 40 years archive, was listed in short list. Congratulations to Anna Gvirtz, the designer.
Vera, the widow of the artist, attended the ceremony.
Rassian photographer and Doctor of Technical Sciences Mikhail Dashevsky passed away.
Today, February 3, 2021, Mikhail Dashevsky passed away.
Mikhail Dashevsky was born in 1935 and lived in Moscow. He was Doctor of Technical Sciences. He was an amateur photographer and had over half a century of experience. He was a member of the Novator photo club for fifty years. The first exhibition of Mikhail Dashevsky was organized in 1994 in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, the next - only in 2002 at the Museum of Architecture named after Shchusev in Moscow. Since then, his photographs have been exhibited in Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, USA, Japan; in Russia, his works were shown at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Museum of Moscow, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Art Museum named after Kovalenko in Krasnodar and many other museums in different cities of the country. His works were selected for the collection "Contemporary Russian Photography", shown in 2012 at FotoFest in Houston, USA. Dashevsky's works are on display at the museums in the Czech Republic, Russia, USA. His art represents in five solo photo albums. His “opus magnum,” the 4-volume book Mikhail Dashevsky. Native Retro. 1962 – 2002. Photo Saga was recently published.
International Biennale of Photography PhotoVisa expresses our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mikhail Dashevsky.

Mikhail Dashevsky. Native Retro. 1962-2002.
Photo Saga Photographs by M. Dashevsky
Texts: A. Borshchagovsky, I. Chmyreva, M. Dashevsky, A. Fursov, Yu. Iorsh, M. Sidlin
Art Editor I. Chmyreva
Copy Editing E. Firsova
Design A. Gvirtz
ISBN 978-5-6042736-9-2
4 vol. Russian, English. 265*215*75 mm. 3,35 kg.

The content of the edition:
I volume – Moscow images 1962 – 1989
II volume – Moscow images 1989 – 2002
III volume – Images from USSR, 1962 – 1990
IV volume – photographer’s comments on the photographs, articles, biography, notes

Price: 70 USD, plus shipping.

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Михаил Дашевский готовится к персональной выставке «Невидимая Москва. Город в эпоху до Перестройки» в Хьюстоне, США
В конце октября в Хьюстоне в рамках XIV ЕЖЕГОДНОГО ФЕСТИВАЛЯ ДОКУМЕНТАЛЬНОГО КИНО В ТЕХАСЕ «ОБРАЗЫ РОССИИ» состоится персональная выставка фотографий москвича Михаила Дашевского «Невидимая Москва. Город в эпоху до Перестройки». В экспозицию войдут ставшие классическими изображения Москвы Дашевского 1960-1980-х годов.
Выставка – совместный проект Русского культурного центра «Наш Техас» (Хьюстон, США), Международного фестиваля фотографии FotoFest (Хьюстон, США), фонда «Архив фотографий Михаила Дашевского» (Москва) и Международного фестиваля фотографии PhotoVisa (Краснодар).
В эпоху пандемии автор будет присутствовать на выставке лишь виртуально. Но сами отпечатки отправились за океан, чтобы быть представленными на стенах Sawyer Yards, центра, где проходят основные показы биеннале FotoFest и множество других заметных выставок и ярмарок современного искусства в Хьюстоне.